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Praxis Dr. von Schweinichen


Our family doctor practice covers a wide range of general medical examinations and treatments.

What sets us apart...

… Is the friendly atmosphere and our special interest in the welfare of our patients.

  We attach great importance to getting to know the person well within a detailed preliminary talk. This creates a better understanding of what is often crucial in assessing the health risk and also the diagnosis.

 We also place great emphasis on prevention for which we check on recurrent health examinations whether pending appointments or preventive vaccinations are due.

A close collaboration with nearby hospitals and medical specialists guarantees comprehensive care and support, even beyond our technical equipment and medical facilities.



Our spectrum of services includes ...

     Physical examinations (health examination, skin cancer prevention, surgical preparation, men’s 

     cancer screening)
     Ultrasound of the abdomen and thyroid gland
     Doppler of the leg arteries with assessment of the ankle-brachial index

     Electrocardiogram stress test (bicycle) and Holter
     Long-term blood pressure measurement
     Pain Management: microwave / electrical stimulation
     Pulmonary function testing
     Minor surgery
     Blood, urine, swab and stool examinations
     Immunizations (including travel vaccinations)
     Rehabilitation applications

Home visits are only made in indispensable cases
Languages ​​offered: English, German, Turkish, French 


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